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This issue keeps confusing our users. And indeed, as @adrianheine pointed out in the task description this is getting worse every time we add a new language code that does not show up in the suggester.

A temporary workaround could be to add the additional language codes to the list of suggested languages. These entries would only show the code, but no language name. That's obviously far from perfect, but much better than nothing. Have a look at the _javascript_ class wikibase.WikibaseContentLanguages. It currently simply returns the #universallanguageselector's language list, but excludes a few that are also excluded in the backend (see WikibaseRepo::getMonolingualTextLanguages). This means there is already some duplication going on in the backend and frontend! This duplication could either be expanded, or resolved by introducing a #mediawiki-resourceloader module that returns the list of languages allowed in monolingual values.



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