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We've repeatedly had issues because too many pages were being created and/or edited in a short time. We shouldWe need to limit this to keep the infrastructure sane.

Suggested config edit by Daniel with modification by Lydia:

'+wikidatawiki' => [
=Why is this a problem?=
When people create or edit items too fast on Wikidata it causes problems in various parts of the infrastructure:

'edit' => [* dispatching changes to the clients (Wikipedias etc) so they show up there in recent changes and watchlist is delayed
// 8 ed./min per each non-autoconfirmed, or group thereof from same IP* job queue on the clients gets overloaded due to page purges and reparsings
'ip' => [ 8, 60 ],* the recent changes table on the clients grows too big
'newbie' => [ 8, 60 ],* the replication lag between the database servers grows to unacceptable sizes
// 100 ed./min for regular users (including bots and sysops)* the query service misses updates
'user' => [ 100, 60 ],* assignment of new entity IDs gets locked
],* ORES scoring can't keep up

'create' => [
// 4 creations/min per each non-autoconfirmed, or group thereof from same IP
=Current monitoring=
'ip' => [ 4, 60 ],* replication lag (already taken into account by a lot of tools/bots)
'newbie' => [ 4, 60 ],
// 20 creations/min for regular users (including bots and sysops)
* dispatch lag (often not taken into account yet)

=Next steps=

'user' => [ 20, 60 ],* limit max page creation rate to 40/min per account
],* limit max edit rate to 80/min per account
],* Add an API parameter analogue to "maxLag" for dispatch lag: T192026



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