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We might want to consider a constraint on the entity type of a statement’s subjectSome properties are supposed to be used only on one or a few entity types. As an editor I want to be able to define which entity types a property can be used on so I can easily find cases where the property is used in a wrong context via the existing constraint system.

- We currently have no way to express the constraint “only properties should have //property constraint// statements”, which has already resulted in some misuse of the property: [example 1](, [example 2]( message shown to the user on violating statements: "Entity type constraint: This property should only be used on "$entitytype"."
Constraint statement on the property: "property constraint" -> "entity type constraint" with qualifier "TODO"

Examples where this is likely to be used:
* indicating that "property constraint" should only be used on properties

- This would probably also be useful in connection with structured data on commons – there might be some properties that we only want on mediainfo entities (not sure), but much more importantly there are lots of properties that we //don’t// want on mediainfo entities (only on items).* restricting "rhymes with" and similar properties to Lexemes



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