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How to test this:

  1. Load wikibase data into whatever wiki you're using (use the WikibaseImport extension if you need it)
  2. $wgWBRepoSettings['searchIndexProperties'] is used to whitelist the ids of the properties you want to index statements for, so for example if you want to index statements for wikibase properties P999 and P888 you set (e.g. in LocalSettings.php)
$wgWBRepoSettings['searchIndexProperties'] = [ 'P999', 'P888' ];

  1. Add one or more statements concerning your chosen property to a MediaInfo item (e.g. if 'depicts' is in your property whitelist add depicts=(something) as a statement)
  2. You can check what has been indexed by tacking ?action=""> onto the url for the MediaInfo item or its corresponding File page. You should be able to see a statement_keywords array with an element for each statement you added in the format PXXX=QYYY where PXXX is the id of your property and QXXX is the id of your item

Note that property ids are not preserved by WikibaseImport, and the property id for 'depicts' will not be the same locally as it is on wikidata



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