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The main issue I see with the hard limit of 40 creations/minute and 80 edits/minute is that it prevents bots from speeding up during quieter times of each day.

RFC 6585 provides the "429 Too Many Requests" HTTP status code (see https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6585#page-3)

The API could return a 429 status code if the server determines that the edit rate is too high, including a "Retry-After: x" header in the response to make bots pause for a few seconds. This removes the burden on the bots to do anything other than check for a 429 status code and check the "Retry-After: x" header. The bots no longer have to decide what lag/delays are acceptable at a given time of the day, and don't need to be updated each time the hard limits are changed.



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