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The Wikibase date datatype has a notion of precision, and also a lesser known notion of upper and lower bounds expressed as integer multiples of this precision.

For instance, the following data value represents the current day in UTC:
Timestamp +2018-05-17T00:00:00Z
Timezone +00:00
Calendar Gregorian
Precision 1 day
Before 0
After 1

(meaning that it starts at the beginning of 2018-05-17, midnight, and continues until the next day)

When creating a claim with a date value in the Wikibase UI, by default the "After" parameter is set to 0. Is it intentional? I believe that 1 should be the default value there (regardless of the precision).

If this is indeed a bug, should we run a bot to fix all the date values?
If this is not a bug, then there is a bug in Wikidata-Toolkit, which agrees with this interpretation of the default value:
(except that there is a typo there: before-tolerance should obviously be after-tolerance in the last comment)



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