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Hello! Answers for @dcausse :

  • As Cparle mentioned, for v1 we don't plan to traverse the instance of and subclass trees. We're not yet sure if that's even reasonable or computationally practical. It may be better to be a little redundant and have all the detail at the top level of depicts. So, for your example, within Commons you might tag the image as both a Ferrari Testarossa and a car
  • For your 2nd example, at the moment the thinking is to have something like:

Depicts: Australian Shepherd (quantity:2) :: Belgian Shepherd (quantity:3) :: dog (quantity:5)

However, we're still doing research to see if we can reasonably and reliably have the system "figure out" that 2 of one breed and 3 of another means 5 dogs. It's not hard for very specific instances like this one, but across all possibilities it gets challenging.



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