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My previous comment probably crossed a line. I'm sorry.

But your convoluted argument has shown nothing and is irrelevant to Wikidata.

Wikipedia is fine with a very lax approach to attribution. It encourages external sites to attribute simply "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia". As far as I know, everyone is fine with this. If you're not, have fun arguing that, but I can tell you don't seriously hold the position you profess about attribution, it just fit into the current theory you were concocting about why violating Share-Alike on Wikidata is okay.

Fundamentally, your position amounts to that old favorite of nonsense Internet IP arguments: "you didn't enforce your copyright once, so now you don't have a copyright anymore". Very popular among people who once heard something about trademarks and misremembered it, and people who just want something legalish-sounding about why it's okay for them to copy stuff.

Share-Alike is a real thing, and unfortunately I think that this Phabricator discussion is not going to get any closer to a serious discussion of how to change Wikidata's copyright status. I'd like to know, specifically, what it would take to get Wikidata to stop making the frequently-false claim on every page that its data is CC-0.



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