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I don't quite get the rationale behind this. There seems to be an idea that Wikibase is the preferred mechanism for storing structured data in MediaWiki. That's a bit off.

Wikibase is a knowledge modeling tool. It's a good choice if you want to enable users to freely make statements of any kind about any subject, which can be sourced and can contradict. It's a great choice for a machine readable encyclopedia, or for scientific research knowledge bases.

It's NOT a good choice for storing plain facts, and it's not a good choice if tight control over some kind of schema is required, or if some of the information is not user editable. It's MUCH simpler to define a new content model for that, perhaps a JSON based one, instead of trying to lock down Wikibase for such a use case.

Sure, you then won't be able to re-use Wikibase's UI for editing statements. The good thing about this is that then, you won't have to re-use Wikibase's UI for editing statements, which is overly complicated for a use case like this one. From a UX perspective, it's much better to build specialized UI for specialized data.

Making structured data that does not use the Wikibase data model compatible with the Wikidata would of course be quite desirable. To do that, a) re-use Wikidata's (not Wikibase's) vocabulary, and use the DataValue representations and data types defined by Wikibase.

Much of that is already in libraries and can be re-used easily enough. Some of this may have to be pulled out of Wikibase, but that would not be too hard.

So, in summary: unless the idea is to collaboratively model knowledge about people, don't use Wikibase entities. Re-use the vocabulary, re-use data types and value representation, re-use widgets, but on't use full fledged knowledge modeling where it is not needed.



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