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  Can I gently detach this issue, somewhat, from disputed territory. The 
current situation is that maps served by Wikipedias & (my key use) Wikidata 
WDQS use "OSM Bright for Mapbox Studio" tiles ( 
  OSM themselves offer four main tile styles - normal, cycle map, transport 
map, and humanitarian. (IMO none of which are as weedy as OSM Bright)
  AFAIK there are other open source tiling solutions available - cf. 
  A key use case for tiles other than OSM Bright for Mapbox Studio, is use of a 
WDQS map to sort out P131 <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/P131> properties 
for wikidata items (e.g. are they on the right side of a boundary). OSM Bright 
for Mapbox Studio does not display administrative borders - at least, not 
internal admin borders - 
https://twitter.com/Tagishsimon/status/1167898124687310848 - and so maps such 
as https://w.wiki/7iy produced by WDQS are of limited use.
  So, per the main proposition: a one-size-fits-all tiling solution is 
suboptimal. It would be infinitely preferable to be able to extend the 
provision of tiles and parameterise the tile choice (not least because the 
single current tile offering is cartographic thin gruel)



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