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  Wikidata currently gets ~660k edits per day.
  This proposal - if I understand it properly - requires an additional ~5 
Million edits per day, or, perhaps 5 Millon edits per hour ("and increment the 
counters once an hour") ... who knows.
  And that gives us a couple of nuggets of data per sitelined item. It provides 
no support for users who want some other time-base of Pageviews.
  It is ... not ... a happening proposal. Even if there were only a weekly 
update, that'd still more than double the number of wikidata edits, with all 
the concomitant lag problems.
  Perhaps worth noting another route: provision of a facility to make calls 
from WDQS to the REST API - 
https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/#/Pageviews%20data - in much the same way as 
WDQS facilitates (some?) MWAPI calls? This would, ideally, be much more general 
purpoe and give WDQS users access to the wide array of metadata available 
there, not least edit dates & editor IDs.



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