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  So, some of the numbers that we already have:
 has some infomation about how many times we currently miss our regex cache 
within wikibasequalityconstraints and request wdqs to check our regex.
  I believe ever cache miss in that graph will result in 1 call to sparql to 
check 1 regular expression against 1 string.
  @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE please correct me if I am wrong!
  So looking at some numbers from that, 500-12,000 regex checks per minute.
  Once T204031 <> moves from 50 to 
100% this could double.
  The other way of looking at this is, after every edit, these constraint 
checks will run, which most likely will involve running a regular expression.
  Wikidata edit rate:
  So normally 400-800 edits per minute / batches of regex runs.
  I'll try and pull a few more numbers out closer to what you have requested 



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