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  Heyho! thanks for bringing this up @Pablo-WMDE ! I'll comment inline.
  In T235753#5804709 <>, 
@Pablo-WMDE wrote:
  > During task break-down we assumed:
  > - that the application header shown in the mocks is not in scope (i.e. that 
there in fact will be an x-button, disabled save button, and header text as it 
currently stands - we will not touch this in this story).
  This is a mistake on my part in the mocks. The x-button should stay as is, 
that's correct. The "publish"-button shouldn't be disabled but should be 
removed entirely. I have updated the mocks accordingly.
  > - `$datatype` will be shown as the datatype identifier (as used in code), 
not their translatable names as seen in e.g.
  I don't know how these two differ. Could you give me some examples? I think i 
was assuming we'd be using the translatable names.
  > - we check for permission errors first and only offer the bail-out path if 
there are none



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