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  Task broken down into:
  1. T248473: Refactor WritingEntityRepository to accept Entity + 
EntityRevision <>
  2. T248474: Implement wrapper WritingEntityRepository removing redundant 
parts <>
  3. T248475: Wire up wrapper EntityWritingRepository 
  Note that the split of this optimization into a separate service will break 
down once we introduce the ability to remove statements. To remove statements, 
you need to include `"remove"` keys in the data sent to the API, but that is 
very much an API detail that should be encapsulated tightly into the 
`ApiWritingRepository` – but then the wrapper service from T248474 
<> will also have to move into 
`ApiWritingRepository`, otherwise that class can’t distinguish between parts 
that were removed as an optimization because they’re redundant, and parts that 
should actually be removed server-side. However, we certainly won’t need this 
ability (to remove statements) during step 1, and possibly not for a good while 
longer, so for now this split still makes sense to us.



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