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  > Any progress on this?
  > Being able to add Wikidata sitelinks to redirects is important in my 
opinion because of things like French Wikipedia having an article about Proxima 
Centauri c <https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxima_Centauri_c> but English just 
having a redirect that could become an article 
Because it it is difficult to add a link to redirects from Wikidata, when 
someone turns ones like this into an article there is a high chance of 
duplicate items being made.
  > Also, having redirects connected to Wikidata is good because if I were 
looking for more detailed info and knew French or another language that 
happened to have an article about the planet, I could easily find that it did 
and read that instead.
  > Thanks, hope this gets fixed soon!
  Note that this requires action on the Wikipedia side, not the Wikidata side. 
Maybe if this was implemented somewhere and the community actually started 
using it, we could have a more useful discussion about this.



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