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  Well, it seems that the requested feature already is here, but is 
    bd:serviceParam wikibase:limitContinuations  "0".
  Once the solution to T255753 <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T255753> is 
implemented, it will also be possible to use:
    bd:serviceParam wikibase:limit "once" .
  The latter is documented, but the documentation gives the impression that 
only one API is made even if the input variables have more than one value.
  It also seems that the undocumented wikibase:limitContinuations sets a limit 
for the **total** number of continuation call across all values of the input 
variables. Consider this query:
    SELECT ?num ?item ?title ?user ?timestamp ?comment
      ?item wdt:P177 wd:Q739513. # Bridges crossing the river Gudenå
      BIND(CONCAT("Q", STRAFTER(STR(?item), "Q")) AS ?title)
      SERVICE wikibase:mwapi
        bd:serviceParam wikibase:endpoint "www.wikidata.org".
        bd:serviceParam wikibase:api "Generator".
        bd:serviceParam wikibase:limitContinuations "20".
        bd:serviceParam mwapi:generator "revisions".
        bd:serviceParam mwapi:titles ?title.
        bd:serviceParam mwapi:prop "revisions".
        bd:serviceParam mwapi:rvprop "user|timestamp|comment".
        bd:serviceParam mwapi:grvdir "older".
        bd:serviceParam mwapi:grvlimit "1".
        ?user wikibase:apiOutput "revisions/rev/@user".
        ?timestamp wikibase:apiOutput "revisions/rev/@timestamp".
        ?comment wikibase:apiOutput "revisions/rev/@comment".
        ?num wikibase:apiOrdinal true.
  It list the revisions for 4 Wikidata items. The first item (Q12301310) has 16 
revisions (1 start call + 15 continuation calls). The next item has 19 
revisions but only 6 is in the result (1 start call + 5 continuation calls). 
For the rest is only one revision in the result. So it seems that
    wikibase:limitContinuations "20"
  is interpreted as max 20 (15 + 5) continuation in total for the whole query.



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