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  > ... the editors should have access to this information as well as it's 
pretty vital to better understand our biases and gaps in language coverage.
  I would suggest expanding our existing Wikidata Languages Landscape 
<http://wmdeanalytics.wmflabs.org/WD_LanguagesLandscape/> system with
  - tabular data, because it now relies merely on data visualizations,
  - split by labels, descriptions, and aliases, as desired, and include
  - historical data to match the representation used previously on the Grafana 
dashboard under discussion.
  This development would also match my current workflow nicely since I am 
focused on the optimization of the Wikidata Languages Landscape back-end (see: 
T253345 <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T253345>) right now; namely, it 
processes a huge amount of data and needs to be optimized so to do it faster 
and reduce the resource consumption on the stat100* servers.
  We can discuss this option in out 1:1 today. Otherwise, we're talking a new 
Wikidata dashboard with an Apache Spark back-end which would update every week 
as the new snapshot of the dump becomes available.



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