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  > Any updates so far?
  > It has been almost a month with no real response...
  Hi Jonas, thanks for your patience while I've been out of the office. 
Implementing support for non-Commons media on Wikibase was planned in the 
Wikibase product roadmap for in/around Q1 2021, so I was surprised -- albeit in 
a pleasant way -- to see your contribution here.
  We need time to review and evaluate what you've developed to determine 
whether it is aligned with our originally planned approach for providing image 
support... after that, we can come to a decision around whether to commit this 
to the Wikibase codebase for broad release. Reviewing the code will require our 
engineers to refocus from other in-progress features, so some coordination is 
necessary. I will keep you and the community updated on this. My door (in the 
virtual sense) is always open, so feel free to reach out directly to sync up 
with me.



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