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  After looking into this for a bit and considering @Jakob_WMDE 's comment I 
believe this boils down to two questions:
  1. Which templates are required in order for both JS and PHP unit tests to 
    I have collected the following  non-exhaustive list of templates needed for 
each. Please add or remove stuff from this list that may or may not belong 
    Jasmin/Qunit tests:
    - Raw gloss widget
    - Language lexical category widget
    - Lemma widget
    - Lexeme header widget
    - Representation widget  .
      Unit tests:
    - Lexem form view
    - Lexeme gramatical features form view
    - Senses view
  2. How do we integrate ResourceLoader calls in PHP + JS?
  The way to use it on the client side is already clearly stated in the 
ResourceLoader HTML templates link 
 shared above. 
  This file contains some use of the ResourceLoaderModule, although it's more 
about injecting templates into JS but maybe it's a good start:



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