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  > ! In T57755#6576484 <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T57755#6576484>, 
@Multichill wrote:
  > without timezones and default it to the local time? That is also current 
practice on Commons, see for example 
where the time is "3 July 2017, 13:28:12". If someone is really interested in 
the timezone, they can derive it from the coordinates.
  I don't understand how a time could be without a timezone and at the same 
time have a default timezone.
  I also don't understand how local time with hours, minutes, and seconds can 
be the current practice on Commons and at the same time require a software fix 
to allow entry of hours, minutes, and seconds on Commons.
  Finally, I see a lack of notice and documentation for file contributors. In 
the file upload dialog in Commons, the following instructions are provided to 
the uploader:
  > **Date work was created or first published**
  > Choose the date this work was created or first published.
  There is no indication about what time zone will be assumed for the creation 
or first publication date. You can't expect users to provide correct dates and 
times if you don't tell them at the time of upload that whatever they enter 
will be assumed to have the time zone that was in force at the time and place 
where the photo was taken.



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