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  More issues:
  Clicking "edit" for the lemma focuses the lemma field, but clicking the 
buttons to add or remove spelling variants doesn't put the focus back in a 
field. For add, I would expect the focus in the lemma field of the new spelling 
variant. For remove I think it would make sense to put the focus in the lemma 
field of the previous spelling variant if the one you're removing is not the 
first or the new first one if it is.
  In T201588#6232388 <>, 
@Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE wrote:
  > One issue that still exists is that all the statements of a Sense or Form 
come before the “edit” button for the glosses or form representations in the 
tab order.
  I can't tab to them at all because they're not buttons and don't have a 
tabindex attribute - T250519 <>



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