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  On Wikidata, the termsbox (that contains item labels, descriptions and 
aliases) shows a selection of languages (via ULS?), and users can customise 
this by adding a Babel list on their user page.
  If you add a Babel entry for, say, zh-sg or zh-tw, they show on the page and 
in the API normalised to zh-Hans-SG or zh-Hant-TW.  (The normalised codes match 
those in the drop-down for interface language in User Preferences.)
  However, on Wikidata, the termsbox/termbox(?) does not show Singaporean or 
Taiwanese labels as a result.
  - Languages available "Traditional Chinese" and "Chinese"? 
 – discussion at Wikidata
  - T101086 <>
  I don’t know whether this is relatively unimportant: are the national 
varieties needed much if Simplified and Traditional both work?



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