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  > Well, how one could write a timezone for {{Q|Q3062714}}, whose guillotine 
worked on 10 h 22, Paris Time (given the fact that in 21 JAN 1793, UTC didn't 
exist) ?
  At present, we can't give the date and time when Louis XVI was executed. As 
you can see from the discussion over the last 3 years, several substantially 
different approaches have been suggested and no choice among them has been made 
  I don't know what time of day Louis XVI was executed, but I'll suppose for 
the sake of discussion 10 h 22 m Paris time is correct. The first step is to 
determine if this is apparent solar time or mean solar time. If it is apparent 
solar time, and the time scale selected is a mean time scale, we would have to 
convert it. I don't have a converter handy that would work for that date.
  UTC didn't exist before about 1962. The time scale that has noon at Greenwich 
occurring at 12 h 0 m, and can be projected back for many centuries, is UT1. 
The longitude of Paris is 2.3522 degrees East. Each hour of mean time is 
equivalent to 15 degrees of longitude, so 2.3522 degrees corresponds to 9 
minutes. So mean Paris time is 9 minutes ahead of UT1.



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