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  I would really love a tool that worked a bit like the 'Cite' on Wikipedia, 
that can tell you if there's already an item for an publication with an ISBN 
and if not it goes to get the data to make a new one. The process of using it 
would be something like:
  1. User enters an ISBN on a page and it says if there is an item on Wikidata 
which has this ISBN
  2. If there is already an item which uses this ISBN the tool suggests extra 
statements to add that the user just clicks to add them. The tool gets the data 
from the same place the Cite tool on Wikipedia does.
  3. If there isn't already an item using this ISBN, the tool prefills a form 
for the new item which the user click to create. It then looks for any item on 
Wikidata with the same name and author to find other editions and then connects 
them together using which ever statement is needed.
  1. Is this possible/realistic? Would be a really nice thing to have.
  2. Would this rely on Citoid being installed on Wikidata or could it get the 
info from somewhere else? (T199197 <>)
  3. I'm sure there could also be an option to enter multiple ISBNs but I don't 
know what's the best layout for that.
  Also how could I propose this as a project for the Wikimedia Hackathon? I 
don't know if there's a category for ideas from non programmers?



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