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  > If someone ever develops this, it needs to be done with the greatest of 
care. If not, such a tool could produce excessive duplicate and wrongly modeled 
items, producing a huge amount of work for the community to clean up.
  > See for some input 
on modeling. This community needs to be consulted.
  > - Books need to conform to the FRBR description model, in order to conform 
with the level of data quality that libraries also apply. This tool needs to 
make sure all necessary items on work and edition/translation level are checked 
and created if necessary.
  > - Make sure the end user, even if they are beginners, do correct matching 
with existing authors, publishers, locations of publishing. I'm actually not 
sure what would need to be done if new items need to be created at this 
level... do we even want that?
  > - Avoid creation of duplicates (duplicate works, editions, authors, 
publishers, locations of publishing).
  > Other input very welcome. I'd rather see no tool than one that introduces 
large amounts of erroneous data.
  Hi Sandra
  I've updated the description to include the FRBR model as the basis for 
creating and matching items. Is it logic to say that new items the based on 
ISBN number (or other similar ID) should be Instance='edition' in Wikidata?



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