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  One special case of this is publications of proceeedings of scientific 
conferences. I am intending to have a wikidata backend for my Proceedings Title 
Parser at <> anyways so i could add an 
"ISBN" input mode.
  - First the book information would be fectched e.g. for the result would be: //Advances 
in Information Retrieval
  42nd European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2020, Lisbon, Portugal, April 
14–17, 2020, Proceedings, Part I
  - then this fed to the Proceedings Title Parser 
 which would find the corresponding event
  - The corresponding scientific event series might already be in wikidata see which points to
  - now the proceedings and the event could be entered to wikidata
  This special usecase might be a good starting point for the feasibility of 
the more general approach to do the entry for any ISBN



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