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  This task is based on T354534: Archive Wikidata Concepts Monitor repositories 
<> (using the same tags) and is 
resulting from T356618: Check of legacy wmde analytics infrastructure 
<>. We need to archive the following 
Gerrit repositories:
  - analytics/wmde/WD 
  - analytics/wmde/Wiktionary 
  - analytics/wmde/NewEditors 
    - I brought this down locally and it looks like it's just a config file?
    - There was a cron job associated with this that recently got removed in 
another task.
  From T354534 <>, the directions for 
how to achieve this is:
  > Mark them archived in CI, which lets us get rid of the lintr Docker image.
  A question on this: for the first two there are GitHub repos for them as 
well. As they're Gerrit mirrors, will they be removed automatically, or do we 
have to do it explicitly? The GitHub repos are:



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