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  Per the investigation in T351971 <>, 
the link-item widget only shows up for logged-in users. Users logged-in to a 
wiki supporting CentralAuth should also get logged into the repo, so it should 
not be the case that a TempUser can be created through the link-item widget. If 
a user tries to edit and is somehow not logged into the repo, they see this 
  F42021749: 2024-02-21-145404_422x216_scrot.png 
  On that basis, I agreed with @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE that we can move this 
out of T357020 <>. As Lucas points 
out, there is also a ticket T140661 <> 
for adding support for the link-item widget for anonymous users. This task will 
then be a subtask of that - the implementer of T140661 
<> must take care of the case that the 
edit creates tempuser and returns a redirect.



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