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  WMDE Analytics Request
  This task was generated using the Wikidata Analytics Request form 
<>. Please use this 
template to create issues for the team. Thank you!
  Rationale of how the requested analysis will impact your decision
  *We’re currently building an endpoint to create an item from scratch. We’ve 
added a “rule” that does not allow users to create empty items i.e., they must 
add at least a label or a description in one language, which follows the logic 
of creating an item in the UI
  *But, I can go and create an item with one of these as a placeholder. Then go 
to the item and remove them, leaving an empty item. This “loophole” can also be 
done with a combination of REST API endpoints.
  *There is no check for this on the Wikidata UI and I want to keep the REST 
API & UI as aligned as possible. There seems to be qualitative feedback that 
historically developers at least need this check to not be there (hence why the 
Action API doesn’t have it). I’d like to look at the actual data, talk it 
through with Wikidata PMs and make a final decision that is aligned across the 
  Rationale of how your decision will impact the  Wikidata strategy
  *We want the REST API to encourage behavior that serves the strategy of 
having good data quality (no empty Items). 
  *At the same time it should also become a full substitute to the main use 
cases of the Action API, so we need to understand if we are breaking anything 
important or not.
  Please include the specific questions that the analysis should answer.
  - How often are empty items created and either filled in later or never 
filled in at all?
  Desired output
  Population A: All Items
  *All Wikidata Items (including deleted Items, and independent of source, e.g. 
including UI and Action API edits)
  *Number of Items in population A that were created empty (see this 
  Population B: Items that were created empty
  *Items in population A that were created empty (see this 
  *Number of Items in population B that are currently deleted
  (Next step only if there is a significant number of Items that are currently 
not deleted)
  Population C: Current Items that were created empty
  *Items in population B that are currently not deleted
  *Number of Items in population C with
  **no further edits ever
  **at least one additional edit within 6 months after creation
  **at least one additional edit after 6 months or later (=the rest)
  Not really time sensitive, ideally within the next 2-4 weeks (is that 
  **Information below this point is filled out by the Wikidata Analytics team.**
  General Planning
  Internal Request by Ifrah
  Assignee Planning
  Information is filled out by the assignee of this task.
  Sub Tasks
  Full breakdown of the steps to complete this task:
  [ ] subtask
  Data to be used
  See Analytics/Data_Lake 
<> for the breakdown of 
the data lake databases and tables.
  The following tables will be referenced in this task:
  - link_to_table
  Notes and Questions
  Things that came up during the completion of this task, questions to be 
answered and follow up tasks:
  - Note



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