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  We've been getting reports of Wikibase community WDQS end-users having 
trouble using whitelist.txt - might the changes above have broken use of this 
file if they had it incorporated into a Wikibase docker/suite setup? It looks 
like wmde.16 version of wikibase-release-pipeline is still using whitelist.txt 
  Example from the Wikibase Community telegram chat:
  "this should work, but you’ll need to allow WDQS in your query service’s 
allowlist first [...] no, it’s usually a file whitelist.txt in your WDQS 
  "weird. I'm on a default installation of wikibase from docker, and that 
default installation contains the wikidata query service in its whitelist.txt 
So why is it not allowed...? hmm..."
  (I think the plan for MediaWiki: spam message changes had allow/deny variants 
as additions to existing white/black rather than replacing them, at least for a 
transition period.)



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