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  Hey, @Manuel! Thanks for setting the board up 🙏🏻 I find the information 
provided useful, but was wondering a couple of things:
  1. How exactly should we interpret it when you said: "The hits you see in the 
diagrams will have happened, but they may also not be complete."? Does that 
mean that the quantities represented in the graphs that contain data might be 
higher in reality, or rather incorrect/wrongly distributed across the captured 
  2. On the other hand, this might sound obvious, but it would be helpful to 
make the following explicit for this and future requests: this ticket mentioned 
that the desired time span for the data was "the past 3 months", but I'm 
assuming that the tracking mechanisms weren't there, so we can only measure 
from the moment the reading was performed. Is that correct?
  3. Is the missing data going to flow into the empty graphs on the board at 
any point?
  Thank you already for all the clarifications!



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