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  > It is possible that this metric is polluted with monitoring queries that do 
not relate to serving user traffic
  I did a little checking around this. Prometheus blackbox checks are defined 
 . Their frequency is defined by the `scrape_interval` setting for the 
probes-custom_puppet-http.yaml job 
 , which is currently 15 seconds. Since we require a unique check per team, 
that should be around 8 queries per minute per Prometheus host.
  Note that there are separate Prometheus checks that use the jmx exporter 
instead of blackbox, each with a frequency of 60 seconds. Looking at 
`prometheus1006`, I see the following:
  - jmx_wdqs_updater
  - jmx_query_service_streaming_updater
  - jmx_wdqs_blazegraph
  My next step is to figure out how many of the Prometheus hosts are actively 
polling each WDQS endpoint.



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