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  Further checks on this: the dashboarding process for the public Superset 
seems to be based on a few preset databases that have the data from Wikimedia 
projects (see SQL Lab <>). As of now I'm 
doubting whether we'd be able to have active rights over one of these such that 
tables we'd generate in Airflow could be added to one and used for 
visualizations. I've asked in the WMDE data channel if there are people with 
domain knowledge for Graphite that could help with setting up a process where 
it would be one of the targets of the Airflow jobs. This to me seems more 
simple, with the end situation being that we use the main Superset instance for 
data processes that rely on the data lake/private data access, and then use 
Grafana for dashboards that are meant to be public facing.



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