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  The situation looks indeed fairly similar to T268135 
<> (I recommend reading that task 
description first):
  - We have again two hook handlers communicating with one another through the 
dynamic property; `UpdateRepoHookHandler::onArticleDeleteComplete()` records 
whether the job queue insertion was successful, and 
`DeletePageNoticeCreator::getMessage()` determines whether “We're going to 
update the item using the repo job queue \o/” or “The user has to update the 
item per hand for some reason” (quoting from the code comments) and shows the 
appropriate message.
  - The two hooks (`ArticleDeleteComplete` and `ArticleDeleteAfterSuccess`) 
still run in the order Wikibase expects (unlike the other task, they weren’t 
swapped around); but at some point, they started pointing to different `Title` 
instances. The `Title` seen by the first hook has its `mArticleId`, 
`mLatestId`, `mContentModel` and `mLength` initialized; in the `Title` seen by 
the second hook, they’re uninitialized. This might have been introduced by 
Clone WikiPage before delete 
<> in August 2016, but 
I’m not sure.
  - The `wikibase-after-page-delete` message was also changed (in 2017 
<>) from 
“You should also remove the link…” to “Link … should have been removed … we ask 
that you check this has occurred”.
  - (There’s nothing corresponding to the fourth bullet point.)
  So, again, the “successful” version of the message 
(`wikibase-after-page-delete-queued`) has been unreachable for many years. As 
in T268135 <>, I don’t think we need 
to bother resurrecting this communication between the two hook handlers to a 
working state – let’s just use the other message 
(`wikibase-after-page-delete`), which was already rephrased to cover both 
possible situations.



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