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  Just updating on how far along this run is, file 550 of the scholarly article 
entity side of the graph is being processed. There are files 0 through 1023 for 
this side of the graph. Note that I did think to `tee` output this time around 
so that generally/hopefully there's more info available to review output, stack 
traces (although hopefully there are none), and so on, should it be needed.
    Processing part-00549-46f26ac6-0b21-4832-be79-d7c8709f33fb-c000.ttl.gz
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" 
content="text&#47;html;charset=UTF-8"><title>blazegraph&trade; by SYSTAP</title
    ><body<p>totalElapsed=299675ms, elapsed=299675ms, connFlush=0ms, 
batchResolve=0, whereClause=0ms, deleteClause=0ms, insertClause=0ms</p
    ><hr><p>COMMIT: totalElapsed=392531ms, commitTime=1712329890306, 
    >Fri Apr  5 10:11:32 AM CDT 2024
    Processing part-00550-46f26ac6-0b21-4832-be79-d7c8709f33fb-c000.ttl.gz
  Sidebar: the "non"-scholarly article entity graph also has files 0-1023 and 
is similarly sized in terms of triples, but naturally the manner in which nodes 
are interconnected varies in a sense because of the type of entities, what kind 
of data entities are imbued with, and so on.



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