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  > I’m pretty sure this use of the functions is pointless (though “correct” in 
that the methods perform their inverse operations). MediaWiki sets 
`mb_internal_encoding( 'UTF-8' );` early in `Setup.php` (since T137509 
<>), so there is no reason to assume 
that PHP `serialize()` returns Latin 1 that needs to be UTF-8 encoded before 
being passed into `json_encode()` – we’re just putting JSONified mojibake in 
the inner cache.
  It turns out that the class has a test 
(`SimpleCacheTestCase::testBinaryData()`, inherited from an upstream library) 
that asserts that binary data can be stored in the cache and retrieved 
correctly; this breaks if the `utf8_encode()` is removed. However, I see no 
reason for us to support this (we only put text into the cache, not binary 
data), so I think we should just skip the test.



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