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@AndrewSu Lydia and I had some off-list discussions and we thought it's a good idea that I leave a bit more information for you here:

  • Please don't spend days on the proposal if you decide to submit it. This is supposed to be a 1-2 page proposal that will help us understand what the problem is, why it's important and how you want to solve it (methodology). Some lit review would be great, but at a high level.
  • Dario and myself are operating at capacity in terms of forming new collaborations at the moment (we have a few more in the pipeline and we already have some in place). This being said, there are at least two other people in my team who may want to initiate this collaboration. Also, if the proposal ends up being aligned with something I will work on this year, I may drop something else to make it happen. This is to say that there is uncertainty on our end until we read the proposal, and there are some resource constraints.

I hope this extra information help you with your decision. If you have any question, please ping me.



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