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Hi Tom, thanks for the quick reply! I know and use these functions, I actually mean something different: give me the specific value(s) for one specific property/statement, rather than all statements as happens in WIKIDATAFACTS.

For instance, if I have a cell containing Q1282569, I'd like to ask specifically for the English-value label of its P109 property (profession), and then in a next cell to the right for instance its P569 (date of birth) and in another next cell its P570 (date of death).
Next row I might have another Q-number for which I'd also ask its P109, and then P569, P570, etc. Each cell requests one property specifically. I hope I'm making myself clear.

As this is very Wikidata-centric I thought about a separate add-on rather than integrated in the current Wikipedia-centered one, but maybe they can be integrated too.



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