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Thanks, @Strainu for the praise and for letting me know of this discussion.
By now, we have many infoboxes that have been refactored into working both in parameter-less mode, and with local override.

I had to heavily enhance in order to make it expose some functions that provide exactly what is needed in an infobox starting from an item, such as getOneValue (returns one value from those with the highest rank), getOneValueNoRef (same without reference), getValueListWithSeparator, getTimestampedValueListWithSeparator, getDateValue, getPreferredValue.

An example of infobox that uses these functions is

Other infoboxes were rewritten in LUA, such as and was rewritten in LUA as a basic infobox for biographies (and takes multiple biographical data from Wikidata, such as birth date and place, occupation etc.). It can, however, be extended into more specific biography infoboxes, both in LUA, such as for politicians and for actors; and with basic parameters, such as for painters and other visual artists.

I avoided creating infoboxes for use with Wikidata that are separate from those with specified parameters in order to push the move towards Wikidata. The only example of such infobox is (LUA-based, only works with Wikidata as a parameter-less infobox) that is different than (which still works with parameters only) - this is a complex infobox in a field of which I know little (biological taxonomy), so I wanted to avoid intruding in such an area.

I hope this is useful, just tag me if there is more I can do in this area.



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