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Sounds good. Typo fix:

No Value: "It is assumed that this value can't exists"
Unknown value: "It is assumed that this value exists, but we don't know it"

One minor, one major problem:

  • Minor: typo in No Value with "can't exists" <- trim the s. "can't" also isn't formal English--"can not" is correct.
  • Major: Assumed is probably a bad phrase, since nothing in Wikidata should be assumed. It should be believed based on some data in some source. So that is probably better "believed" rather than "assumed".
  • Major: "No value" is more like "we have stated positively that we believe this property does not have a value"; "unknown value" is more like "we have stated positively that we believe this property has a value, but we don't know what that value is".
  • Major: The passive voice ("it is believed") irks me as well. Who is doing the assuming? If there is no-one, or the someone is unimportant, that is a correct statement. But plainly, someone at some point added the statement...

I'm not sure how to fix the last problem. IMO I think we can be more verbose in the title attribute than as the original suggestions.



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