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I extracted mathematical formulae from English wikipedia articles related to math (approximately 18,000). One example formula looks like the following:

\alpha_J = R_i - [R_f + \beta_{iM} \cdot (R_M - R_f)]

Then I used primary source tool to upload them on Wikidata. However, when I checked the same formula after uploading it on primary source tool, it looked like this:
F4602873: formulalist.txt
\\alpha_J = R_i - [R_f + \\beta_{iM} \\cdot (R_M - R_f)]

All the single slashes were replaced by double slashes and due to this error, the formulas won't be approved. Is there any solution to this problem.
I have also attached the text file which contains all the formulas with their respective wikidata item number.



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