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I often find that a disambiguation item will be the top result when searching for items while editing statements. Disambiguation items should rarely be used in statements, so a disambiguation item is almost never going to be what someone is looking for.

Examples (with the UI in English):

Someone wants to add "located in the administrative territorial entity: Sannat"
The top search results are:

Someone wants to add "stated in: GNIS"
The top search results are:

Other examples where the first result is a disambiguation page: "Naxxar", "Gudja", "Grade 2"

IIRC, Lydia said that the number of descriptions is taken into account when ranking items in the results. There are bots which add descriptions (and sometimes labels) in lots of languages for disambiguation items, so items with lots of descriptions are disproportionately disambiguation pages (and other internal things like templates and categories).

There could perhaps be a negative weighting for items which have P31 Q4167410, or it could take into account the number of uses by other items (when linking an item to another item, items which are often linked from other items are more likely to be what you're looking for).



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