Jonas added a comment.

It seems that we still have tests failing sometimes:

Authority control gadget test.Check links created by gadget (outline example : | Q12480 | true |)

timed out after 10 seconds, waiting for {:css=>"div.wikibase-statementgrouplistview div.wikibase-statementgroupview:nth-child(1) div.wikibase-statementview:nth-child(1) div.wikibase-snakview-value > a.external", :tag_name=>"a"} to become present (Watir::Wait::TimeoutError)

Edit sitelinks.Save sitelink (outline example : | click the sitelink save button |)

timed out after 10 seconds, waiting for {:css=>"div[data-wb-sitelinks-group='wikipedia'] .wikibase-toolbar-container span.wikibase-toolbar-button-save:not(.wikibase-toolbarbutton-disabled) > a", :tag_name=>"a"} to become present (Watir::Wait::TimeoutError)



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