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@Magnus, I followed the relevant code path in EditEntity, but could not find an obvious mistake there. Also, this code did not changed for two months.

The sitelinks you provide can contain a site, title and optional badges for each sitelink. You can also provide a remove key to delete a sitelink. This is optional. You can do the same by providing an empty title, or by not having both title and badges keys. Only provide a site and it will be deleted.

This is actually what happens in your case, when you remove the badges. There is no title (you used "value" instead), so it gets deleted.

The error message (the message key is wikibase-api-no-such-sitelink) is shown when you provide badges but no title. This is also expected, considering your "value" mistake.

I believe you made a mistake in your code, therefore I'm closing this as invalid. Please reopen if I'm wrong.



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