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@Nikki something like ?item ?prop ?statement is almost always a bad idea, unless you put filters on ?prop and ?statement later. Original one didn't, though the new one does.

Combining statements is not always obvious, and sometimes query optimizer takes wrong turn. We're working on how to make it smarter. However, when you're trying to develop a new query, putting LIMIT on it is not a bad idea, until you're sure it's not going to run away.

If you want people to avoid queries which return a large amount of data, it would help to actually show how big the response is and whether it's considered excessive.

Good idea. We do show row counts but not response size. Maybe we can show both.

it would better (and more effective) to show an error message saying it produced too much data rather than "Unknown error".

These are different issues. "Unknown error" will be handled by GUI, my recommendation is more general regardless of specific errors - please use LIMIT and good judgement :)



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