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Alright folks :) The start is made \o/

Next steps and how you can help: I'd like for each tool to have one accompanying slide that explains it a bit more: What is the tool? Why is it cool? How does it use Wikidata? I've made a first start for Histropedia in the slidedeck. If you have ideas how to make that better please let me know. If you are all ok with it then we'll copy that for every tool and you can help fill the texts for each of them.
If you want to help fill the texts or want a different screenshot for your tool then Jens, Léa or me can give you edit access. Just ping one of us.

I think we should clearly distinguish in the slide deck between tools that use Wikidata's data and tools that are more internal. Jens: Can you add a divider slide for that?

Goran: Yeah once it is published we should add it in the internal section.



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