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Today we detected inexplicable Lua/Wikidata errors. Maybe they have the same cause like this described in this task.

  • In Rocky Mountain National Park we got the message, that the Object ids "Q4735531, Q4878135" are not known. But these ids are not used in the article but existent at Wikidata.

This is a bug in some local Lua module: Apparently something tries to load the entity Q4735531, Q4878135 (these are not two errors, but one for comma separated id Q4735531, Q4878135).

  • In other cases like Chennai we got nil errors for the value of the property P856 (official website) although the value is set.

This is a bug in your Modul:Wikidata2's getProperty function: It assumes wd.getLabel().label to return non-nil, but it doesn't always (as label is sometimes taken from mw.wikibase.label which can be nil).

This is unrelated to the issues mentioned here.



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