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When looking for a value, the suggester displays label and description in the language of the user interface. When several labels are identical, and the descriptions doesn't exist in the user'sselected user-interface language, it is difficult for the user to choose which item to use.

In some other cases, the item doesn't show up at all in the list.

| | UI language = de | UI language = en |
|searching by item ID | {F9025332, size=full} This is the expected behavior. | {F9025344, size=full} !!German label (which exists) should be displayed.!! |
|searching by keyword | {F9025336, size=full} This is the expected behavior. | {F9025348, size=full} !!Item should be found by its German label.!! |

It would be great if the display of the label and description could be adapted depending on the babel boxes of the user. Then, if the description doesn't exist in my language, it can be displayed in my second language, or the third, etc.



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