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2012/7/26 Michael Smethurst <michael.smethu...@bbc.co.uk>:
> Very delayed reply but think I'm still confused on this. Made a picture to
> clear my mind but not sure it works:
> http://smethur.st/wikidata
> The bit I think I get:
> If I request
> http://en.wikidata.org/wiki/Berlin
> Or
> http://en.wikidata.org/title/Berlin
> I get a 301? to:

303, but otherwise correct.

> http://wikidata.org/title/en:Berlin
> The html wiki page
> But not sure I understand the machine readable part [1]
> Bullet point 1 says
> http://wikidata.org/id/Q{id}
> Resolves to the appropriate url depending on the request header
> Does resolve mean a redirect? Is that a 303?

Yes, it is a 303 redirect.

> Or is there no redirect and the "thing" uri returns content?
> What's the "appropriate url"?

It says "the appropriate URL depending on the request header", i.e. it
depends on the ACCEPT header if you get the HTML page or the data.

> http://wikidata.org/data/Q{id}
> Or
> http://wikidata.org/data/Q{id}?format={format}&language={language}
> ?

The former I'd say, but this is not completely settled yet.

> Bullet point 2 says
> http://en.wikidata.org/item/Berlin
> Also resolves to the appropriate url. Is that a redirect? What's the
> appropriate url?

As above. It depends on the ACCEPT header.
Also, this is merely a convenience URI.

> Is there content negotiation happening from
> http://wikidata.org/wiki/Q{id}
> Or just from
> http://wikidata.org/id/Q{id}

Just from the latter. Not on the former.

> What happens if I request
> http://wikidata.org/id/Q{id}
> And accept only html?

303 redirect to http://wikidata.org/wiki/Q{id}

> Is there content negotiation from
> http://wikidata.org/data/Q{id}
> Or do I have to use parameters to get different representations?

No content negotiation intended here. Maybe the latter. We are not
sure yet about the supported formats and how this will work.

> Is there a better picture

No, you made the best one so far.

> Sorry to be thick
> Michael

Sorry for having explained it badly. I hope this helps!

> [1]
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikidata/Notes/URI_scheme#Machine-readable_a
> ccess
> On 06/07/2012 18:20, "Gregor Hagedorn" <g.m.haged...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks Denny, I largely see your points. The distinction between
>> convenience = webservice to redirect to canonical URL and canonical
>> URL could perhaps be made clearer in the note. I read it as parallel
>> URIs rather than as a redirecting service. To me the word
>> "convenience" has a different implication, but this may be entirely my
>> fault, I am not a native speaker either. I also agree on the choice of
>> language prefixes, confusing as it may be, I should have know. The
>> data plus wikidata is still confusing, but I guess you cannot avoid
>> that one?
>> About the Q in front of identifiers: At the moment I see the item
>> numbers being used in rdf:resource/about, but I understand that you
>> may need them as element names? My understanding was that properties
>> will be prefixed by Property: anyways.
>> In any event: I find the argument that a rare letter like Q is good
>> branding not very convincing. I would suggest then a more memnonic
>> choice, like WD2348972 or W2348972 instead. I believe the Q as prefix
>> used in all canonical inbound links will be puzzling many people and
>> end the explanation having to end up in the FAQ.
>> thanks again!
>> Gregor
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