Hoi Max,
Is it possible to compare your index with the items in Wikidata. There are
several things that I would like to do
* add all coordinates to Wikidata items
* report on all coordinates where what you know differs from Wikidata
A next obvious question is how can we keep the two data sets in sync..

On 2 April 2014 11:39, Max Semenik <maxsem.w...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I'd like a sanity check on my plans to reduce the GeoData index. I
> plan to:
> 1) Not store coordinates from pages outside of content namespaces:
> main and file.
> 2) Not store secondary coordinates that don't specify the coordinate
> name. There is currently a bunch of secondary coordinates that make no
> sense because there's to way to tell them apart or tell what are they
> for.
> I hope that these measures will make our database of geographical
> coordinates more useful on average, but please tell me if there's a
> fatal flaw in my plans:)
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>   Max Semenik ([[User:MaxSem]])
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